Train2Grow helps you to soar to new heights personally and professionally by providing specialist training and coaching for individuals, teams and organisations.  We help you to clarify your vision, values and goals, enable you unlock the potential within and make real progress.

We are hugely passionate about helping all people to grow and develop their skills, and to coach them to lead.   And we are especially passionate about unlocking the gifts and talents of women.  As this country tries to reduce its deficit, women face a “triple jeopardy” of lower benefits, fewer job opportunities as well as a cut in the public services they rely on for themselves and those they care for.   We encourage organisations not only to retain their female talent but to develop them.

To this end, through training and coaching, we equip those who want to progress with necessary skills and confidence, enabling them to achieve what they want to achieve, whether setting up in business, seeking promotion, achieving a better work-life balance, or having greater access to higher paid jobs and leadership positions.

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